The Cleveland Cavaliers' Championship Win

June 20, 2016 - Jim Himes and Jack Garratt 06/20/2016 Views: 14,953

Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James breaks down crying after his team wins the NBA Finals. (1:20)

big congratulationsto the new NBA champions--

the Cleveland Cavaliers.

What a great moment for the cityof Cleveland, right?

-What an amazing moment.-(cheers and applause)

A city that went 52 yearswithout a national championship.

And after next month'sGOP convention,

might go another 52 yearswithout a city.

It was a storybook ending.

You know, LeBron returns hometo give his city the title.

And in the process, I think

he may have picked upa brand-new sponsor-- Kleenex.

MAN:The emotions for LeBron James,

who delivers on his promise

to come homeand bring a championship.

-(Bleep).-I set out a goal. Two years.

And I came back to bring a championship to the city.

I poured my heartand my blood, my sweat,

my tears to this game, and....


He looks likethe cutest, biggest,

most dangerousteddy bear ever, isn't he?


I love how black guysonly let themselves show emotion

when they wina sports relationship.

Like, every other time,it's like,

"Yeah, man, my Pops leftwhen I was young.

"It is what it is,but that's why

(crying): "this high scorein air hockey means so much

"to me right now.

Thank you, Jesus!Thank you so much."