Michelle Buteau - Box Braids

The One with the Box of Pain Season 3, Ep 2 10/04/2016 Views: 568

Michelle Buteau's attempt to get a coveted hairstyle ended up being a complete failure. (1:41)

- So I really wantedto get these box braids.

Do y'all knowwhat box braids are?

Let me educate y'all.[laughter]

I don't know if anyof you cute little white girls

have been to,like, the Bahamas or Aruba,

and you're like,"Oh, I wanna get a braid,"

and it takes, like five minutes,and they put a bead on it.

You're like,"Look at this..."


"It's so fun.I look like Serena Williams."


When you have ethnic hair,

it's a whole differentexperience.

Like, you have to find

an African that'salmost gonna be deported,

you need--[laughs]

She needs to haveall four of her kids there,


Just to, like,massage her fingers,

and you just needto sit in a chair

for about seven hours.

So I decidedto get my hair braided,

took off of workfrom a job I don't have,

and, um...[laughter]

Just sat there.I was like,

"This is gonna be amazing.This is gonna be amazing.

I can't wait."

When I was done,

I looked likea Puerto Rican Julia Stiles.


This is what I was going for.

I was going for,like, a Nubian princess.

Like, an ebony goddess.

I don't know who this girl is,

but I really wannabe friends with her.


What I was going for was, like,

you know, kind of like

Beyoncé frolicking in Cuba...


But what I got was...

Rachel Dolezal.


I can't.Okay, here we go.

This is me with the braids.


Just sad, and...

I look like I was appropriatingmy own culture.