Pete Holmes - Salon Dijon

Pete Holmes: Nice Try, The Devil Season 1, Ep 1 05/12/2013 Views: 16,301

Pete Holmes's mother is crazy about her favorite recording artist, the acclaimed French-Canadian singer Salon Dijon. (1:45)

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how's it going?


I was recently homein Boston, and my mother--

[cheer]Thank you.

My mother Irena referredto the singer Celine Dion--

Listen to me now.

She referred to the singerCeline Dion

as Salon Dijon.

I honestly don't know why we'renot all doing backflips

right now.

Salon Dijon

was said to me in a roomwith air in it.

I heard it, remembered it,and brought it to the show.

That is a gift.

I haven't even added anything.

It's like a catbringing a dead bird.

It's a treasure.

And it wasn't like this--it wasn't like,

"Peter, who's that singer,

"French-Canadian,I don't know, Salon Dijon?

"I don't know.What's her name? I don't know.

Salon, is that it?Salon Dijon? I don't know."

It wasn't like that.It was like this.

"Peter, your fathergot me tickets

to my favoriterecording artist..."


"Salon Dijon."

Just an expensive mustard rinseof a performer.

"Ooh. I love Salon.

"I hope she playsmy favorite song

"from my favorite movie, Big Boat Iceberg.

"That's my favorite movie.

"Starring my favorite actor,Leonardo DiPizzaplace.


"is a dream.

"♪ Here there under the stairs

I love the lyrics."