Speedround - Oh, You Nasty

07/22/2016 Views: 87

Frederick proves to be a crappy husband yet again, Roy Wood Jr. finds out what Donald Trump will do for black people, and Nikki comes up with names for boner pills. (1:08)

- How did you two meet?

- Frederick, would youlike to tell the story?

- No, it's boring and I don't remember it.

Oh, soup!

- Tonight's hashtag is #OverheardAtRNC.


- It's a real white privilege to be here.

- [Chris] Alright, points!


- I hear night three is just

Guy Fieri lighting his farts on fire.

- [Chris] Points.


- I'm not a bigot,

I have a lot of friendsof inferior races.

- [Chris] Alright, points.

- How good is DonaldTrump for black people?

(audience laughter)

- Was a jizz cannon overspew Y2K?

Flaunt-y Python?

Was it Dick Hole Sun?

- No, I don't--

- Won't Ya Come?

- Me? Cum?

- "Wash away.."

Planet Girth?

What about, "Ooh, You Nasty"?

- [Voiceover] Space beer!


- Hey, you can't just--


- Let this be a lesson to you, hippies!

- Bald eagles out!