Global Warning

Monday, December 5, 2016 12/05/2016 Views: 2,348

Dave Hill, Steve Agee and J Mascis offer post-apocalyptic tips on how to endure the effects of global warming. (1:48)

Global Warning.Global Warning.

According to NASA, 2016 ison track to be the hottest year

in history, beating the previousrecord holder, 2015.

Climate change appears to beturning into a global crisis,

kind of like dabbingor putting kale in salads.

Uh, you're not supposedto eat kale, by the way--

it's like (bleep) parsley,you guys. Stop eating it.

It's not-it's not good. Sotake your kids to see the snow

for the last time,then get to higher ground,

where you'll be safe.

Comedians, I would like youto give me as many

global warming survival tipsas you can in 60 seconds,

and begin. Steve.

Dry and jerk your turdsto eat later.

The guy who madethe guitar gun--

-he probably knowshow to do that. -AGEE: Sure.

Uh, points to Steve.Dave.

-Pretend it's not happening.-All right, points.

-Yeah, I said it.-Points. You're not afraid.


-Suck up to Elon Musk.-All right, points.


Get used to the tasteof your own urine.

Yes, points. Steve.

Get all Purgey.

All right, points. Dave.

Load up on SPF 4,000.

All right, points. J.

Learn to breathe carbon dioxide.

Yes, points. Steve.

Surround yourselfwith fat, slow people, Chris.


Points. J.

Fatten up your kidsto use as a raft.

Yeah, points.



Weld spikes to your Prius

for when the worldgoes full-on Mad Max.