Forgotten Villains from "The Flash"

Monday, October 10, 2016 10/10/2016 Views: 884

CW series "The Flash" features villains with less-than-intimidating names, so Danielle Panabaker, Kurt Braunohler and Brian Posehn come up with a few of their own. (1:57)

Rogues Gallery. Rogues Gallery.

Since we have one of the starsof The Flash here tonight,

one of the greatest showson television,

a show which I genuinely enjoywatching

while giggling and clappingmy hands with delight--

not during the sad parts-- uh, Iwould like to play a Flash game

highlighting the show's awesomebut hilariously named villains,

like Captain Cold,

Weather Wizard,

and Gorilla Grodd.

So let's channel Cisco Ramonand name some fake villains

that might fight the Flashin future episodes.

Before we do,I need to slip into something

a little more comfortable.I'll be right back.

(cheering and applause)

Ah. That is... way better.

(cheering and applause)


I do feel pretty exposed

that you can see all my absand stuff. Uh...

60 seconds and begin. Kurt.

The Pussy Grabber!

Points. Brian.

The Incredible Cuck.

Points. Kurt.

Cops, in general.

Points. Brian.

Gay Face.

Points. Danielle.

Bunion Boy.

Points. Brian.

The Mansplainiac.

Points. Kurt.

Megatwon, the Transformerwith a lisp.


Very well done. Points.


The Millennial!

Points. Danielle.

Harley Quinn, Medicine Woman.

Yes, points. Kurt.

Mr. Saxophone at 2:00 a.m. Guy.

Points. Danielle.

The Joker, the Smoker,the Midnight Toker.

Yes, points. Brian Posehn.

The Down-Puncher.

All right, points. Kurt.

Brian the FedEx guythat apparently doesn't know how

to use my (bleep) doorbell!

I'm home, Brian! I'm home!