Uncensored - Pete Davidson - Not Gonna Make It

Ari Shaffir, Pete Davidson, Brad Williams Season 1, Ep 2 04/20/2014 Views: 22,468

Now that Pete Davidson has moved out of his mother's house, he isn't so sure that he's going to survive. (1:54)

want more show or what?

You ready?Okay, good.

Part of the fun of thisshow is we get to break

new guys and here'sone of 'em.

Super, super funny guy.

You might know him from"The Guy Code" on MTV.

Twat is my favorite swear wordbecause my mom doesn't like it.

Please welcome Pete Davidson,everybody!


Thank you.


How are you guys?You good?

I'm verydepressed, everybody.

I am.

I just turned 20and, um, it's over.

It's done.

I just moved outof my mom's house.

And I've realizedsomething.

I'm gonna fucking die.

I'm not gonna make it.

I'm not, I thoughtabout it.

I'm 6'3".

I'm 140 pounds.

I have a problemwith wind.

My friends are like,"You wanna go out?" I'm like,

"You gotta checkthe forecast first.

You might losea friend."

When I used to livewith my mom,

I just thoughtshe was annoying.

I thought she was annoying andshe cock-blocked my masturbation

time, that's all I knew.

She was the roomnext door.

So every time I wouldget it going, I would like,

hear her sneeze and it wouldthrow off my timing.

I'm like,"I can't finish now.

Mommy's sick.

She might needthese tissues."

I miss livingat my mom's house.

When I used to live at mom'shouse, I used to be able to jerk

off in my bed and then thenext day, it would be gone.

Now I live on my own.

It just stays there.

It's not going anywhere.

It's not goinganywhere till I move.