Toboggan Run

The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz Season 3, Ep 9 01/25/2008 Views: 2,381

Rampaging penguins trap Bender and Leela on a deadly patch of ice. (1:59)

Hey, where'd they...


( angry squawking )

( men yelling )

( gasping )

Make sure they useevery part of my body!

I'll avengeyour death, son!

They used to besuch peaceful birds.

I suppose thiswas your doing.

Yep. It's likeI taught them--

if it ain't black and whitepeck, scratch and bite.

Now, to take off my tuxedo.

( squawking )

Guys, it's me--

your lovable dictator.


( screaming )

Oh, if only we hada toboggan.

Faster! Faster!

( squawking )

( grunting )

( creaking )

Whoo! Phew!Phew!

Oh, right--they can swim.

It's all comingback to me now.

( angry squawking )

( gasping )

It's Fry!Wiggles?

Well, at least

it'll help reducetheir population.

Yeah... life ishilariously cruel.

( laughing )


Permission to come aboard,Wiggles?


We can't take offwithout our captain.

( Leela clears throat )

Oh... and bringmy toboggan.