Rondell Sheridan - Baccarat Bust

Rondell Sheridan Season 1, Ep 2 07/17/1996 Views: 2,326

James Bond and Rondell Sheridan both play baccarat. (2:42)

I got addicted to the worst game

you can possibly get addicted


I got addicted to the game known

around the world for not needing

to know how to play the game.

The game is called baccarat.

If you saw the movie Indecent

Proposal, you saw James Bond,

they were playing baccarat.

High stakes game.

It's always in a separate part

of the casino, roped-off area.

If you stand outside the roped

area long enough, they'll ask

you to play, no matter how

little money you have.

Just stand there.

Some guy will walk up to you and

go, "Would you like to play?"

( laughter )

"I really don't know how to


( laughter )

"You don't need to.

Do you have any money?"

( laughter )


I've got lots of money."

"We've been expecting you."

And they'll undo the roped area

off and sit you on the cushiest

chair you ever sat on.

And anything you want to drink

they will bring you.

You could ask for milk from a

virgin goat.

Some guy will come running in.

( imitating goat )

You'll drink your little virgin

milk drink, and if you've ever

played baccarat, when they

explain the rules to you, you

know, it's so simple you think

they're making it up.

The guy's standing there going,

"You can either bet on the bank

or the player."

"Well, that seems pretty simple.

Bank or the player.

I'm going to bet on the bank."

"Are you sure?"


I'm going to bet on the bank."

"Okay, no more bets.

Here we go."

Flip-flip, flip-flip.

"Oh, you lose."

( laughter )

"Uh, yeah, I know that was awful

damn quick, but you didn't spin,

didn't yell, 'Yahtzee' or


That's just it, huh?

( laughter )

"Would you like to play again?"

"Yes, I will.

Won't be betting on the bank,


Bank doesn't know what the hell

he's doing.

I'm going to bet on the player."

"Are you sure?"

"Does it matter?"

( laughter )

"Okay, no more bets.

Here we go."

Flip-flip, flip-flip.



( laughter )

"I lost, didn't I?

I'm getting the hang of this


I put money down, you take it.

It's the stupidest game in the


Only a moron would play this


"Would you like to play again?"

"Yes, I would."

( laughter )

( cheers and applause )

Next thing you know you're buck

naked at the table, some guy

next to you going, "That was