Juicing Up with Nectar

The Butterjunk Effect Season 7, Ep 6 07/18/2012 Views: 62,342

The Planet Express crew is alarmed when Amy and Leela turn to nectar supplements in order to gain the edge in Butterfly Derby bouts. (1:23)

Eternulax the Immortal,dead at the age of 26.


Now here's Sportsbot 5000to tell us

about two local gals,Amy Wong and Turanga Leela,

who have won 15butterfly derby bouts in a row,

even as rumors swirlthat they're juicing up

with the controversialnutritional supplement

known as nectar.


(monotone):That's pretty much it.

LINDA:Riveting stuff, Sportsbot.

Yo, yo, yo.What's up, ladies?


Uh-oh.The bullies are back.

Leela, Amy, I like astalwart, feminine physique

as much as the next fellow,but this nectar worries me.

You should be worriedabout this!


Easy, Amy, easy.

Professor, there's nothingwrong with nectar.

It's all-natural.

So are carrots,but you don't see me

injecting thembetween my toes.


(clears throat)Uh, Leela?

I was wondering if you'd liketo go out with me again.

Maybe play some miniature golfor colossal tennis?

Sorry, Fry.

I already got a doubledate with Arm and Hammer.


Bender, you want to goout and do something?

Oh, so now I'm yourlast-resort booty call, huh?

Okay, let's go.