Delicious Chocolate Milkshake

Jeff & Some Laughs Season 1, Ep 4 02/01/2017 Views: 557

Jeff's new comedic persona makes things awkward when he visits his dying father in the hospital. (1:14)

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- [crying]- Daddy, we love you...

and we're gonna getthrough this, okay?

Because we're family and...

family always sticks to--

- H-Hey!Sorry I'm late,

I was busyshaving my balls.



- Yes!You hear that, baby?

That's the soundof a star being born!

- But seriously,how's Dad?

Is he okay?I'm so sorry.

- Never apologize!

You gotta ownyour bits, Jeff!

- Of course he's not okay,you idiot!

What are you thinking?- Ooh, what do we have here?

A new flavor of Capri Sun?

That's good 'cause I'm thirsty.



- How dare you!

This whole situationis your fault

and you're acting like--- You think I don't live

with that guilt every minute?

I'd trade places with himright now if I could.

But first, how about I takea little sip

of this deliciouschocolate milkshake?

Mmm. [laughter]

[all scream]

- Get out!- I'm only doing this

because I love him!I'm trying to help!

[door slams]

- Okay, Jeff, looks likethat bit in there

may've overstayedit's welcome a little bit.