Alexander Hamilton Teams Up with George Washington

Hamilton Season 4, Ep 10 11/29/2016 Views: 431,801

Lin-Manuel Miranda describes Hamilton's tutelage under General Washington -- and his crazy eagerness to fight in the Revolutionary War. (2:24)

Um, so Hamilton shows up at Queens College, and he says,

Hey, what's up, I'm Hamilton.

Here are all my letters from the West Indies.

I'm really [bleep] smart,

so I'd like to graduate in two years,

which Burr did.

Um, and they say,

Burr's dad was the president of Princeton.

We don't know you from a hole in the ground.

So no.

And he says, [bleep] you, [bleep] you,

you're cool, Aaron Burr, nice to meet you.

I'm gonna go to another college

that will graduate me faster.

And they both split earlybefore finishing their education

because--[imitates fanfare]

The war!

The Revolutionary War.

Burr and Hamilton start their respective war careers.

And Burr has a really distinguished war career.

Um, like, kills a lot of British dudes,

has an amazing, sort of, run.

Meanwhile, George Washington asks Hamilton,

hey, be my aides-de-camp.

Aides-de-camp is, like,a fancy word for secretary.

He's like, nah, nah, nah, I'm good, I wanna fight.

I wanna fight, 'cause that's how I'm gonna rise up.

When Washington's like,

mother[bleep], like, come work for me.

It's paperwork, sure, but you're gonna be

at the center of the action.

You're gonna be in the guy--

in with the guy who knows best.

And Hamilton does his political calculus and says,


So Hamilton writes his letters.

Hamilton writes letters to Congress.

This whole time, all Hamilton wants is a command.

Hamilton's just, sort of, tugging on his sleeve,

being like, can I fight?

Can I--can you just give me, like, a bunch of dudes

and like, I--I promise I'll be so good at this.

And Washington's like,

no, just stay aides-de-camp.

But they go through some of the toughest trials

of the war together.

It's--it's Hamilton and Washington.

And then Hamilton finally goes,

I quit! I'm out!

And Washington, aware ofwhat a, sort of,

gifted but troubled kidHamilton is,

says, all right, you're gonna lead these troops

to do this very specific thing

in the Battle of Yorktown.

Hopefully this is our last battle anyway.

But, like, you will be able to say you led a command.

And so, Hamilton goes into it like, with ridiculous gusto.

Um, he's like--he--

he's like jumping ahead of everyone.

Being like, oh, we're at war! Wah!

Like--like--he's, like, showboating.

Ba dum, ba, dum, ba dum, ba dum, blop.

[blows raspberry]

Ba dum, ba, dum, ba dum--

Like, he's totally showboating.

Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo.

[both laugh]