Speedround - Step It Up, Orphans

06/24/2016 Views: 46

Peepers becomes underwhelmed during a job interview, Trevor figures out what Donald Trump is up to, and Joe Randazzo predicts Intel's next big move. (1:06)

- ♪ Ave Maria

- Stop.

It is not your singing voiceI object to,

but your entire gestalt.

- Yes, sir.

In just the month of May,Trump's campaign

wrote checks for $423,000

to Trump's private country clubin Fro... uh, Florida.

And then another$29,000 on another

of Trump's Florida golf clubs.

Which makesperfect sense, people.

Because that's allthis thing is.

It's a money laundering scam.

It's a money laundering scamwrapped inside

a presidential campaign wrappedinside what appears to be

a human-shaped pieceof hickory smoked bacon.

Microsoft is joining forceswith Kind Financial, a company

that provides seed-to-salemarijuana tracking software.

what's another waytech companies

will get into the weed game?

Joe Randazzo.

Intel will changeits jingle from...

♪ Bum-bum, bum-bum! to...

(loud sucking noise)