Jay Larson - Good Luck

Jay Larson Season 15, Ep 15 03/11/2011 Views: 11,568

If Jay Larson does not acknowledge a passing butterfly, he does not love his grandmother. (1:51)

Not tough.

Raised bya single mom.

You guys havemothers?

[audience laughing]

My mother likes everythingto mean something.

You know what I mean-- She wantsto attach meaning to things.

Last time I was home we weredriving her car, and I go,

"Hey, Ma, your odometerjust hit 60,000 miles."

And she goes,"that's good luck."

[audience laughing]

I go, "it is?"

And she's like, "well, it'sjust nice that you're here."

[audience laughing]

I was like, "you justcan't make up luck, Lady.

"You don't writefortune cookies, okay?

"That's notyour job."

But she loves it--Meaning.

We were outside talkin',having a conversation,

and as we were, abutterfly flew by.

My mother got quietand she goes,

"it's your grandmother."

[audience laughing]

And, like, I didn't wantto sell out my grandmother

and be like,"That's not nana!"

[audience laughing]

Because now myrealities changed.

Anytime I see a butterfly, or amoth I have to acknowledge it,

or I don'tlove my nana.

You know howembarrassing that is,

being at a professional footballgame with buddies tailgating,

flippin' burgers,drinkin' beers,

and having a butterflyfly by?

Bro, gonna havea huge game today.

Defense-- Number one inthe... in the league.

[audience laughing]


Jay, what's up?

Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah.

It's just, uh, it'sjust my grandmother.

[audience laughing]

Is she sick orwhat's goin' on?

No, no.

That's herright there.

[audience laughing]

Just think I'm gonna lookup and see a butterfly

with my nana's facelike, "Hey, J.J.!

"What's youcookin', buddy?"

[audience laughing]

I'd be like, "why areyou following me, nana?"

She'd be like,"Have a butterscotch."

[audience laughing]