Jared Logan - Sports

Dunham, Brow, Griffin, Logan, Johnson, Palascak, Marcus Season 3, Ep 1 06/06/2008 Views: 4,658

Did the Bulls score a lot of goal units this week? (0:56)

and Chicago,where I live right now,

it's a sports town, you know?

It's a sports town, and there'snothing wrong with that,

you know, but people want

to make small talk with youabout sports.

So, all the time, like,at the bus stop, you know,

uh, in the elevator,people are like,

"Hey, how about those Bears?How about those Cubs?

How about those Bulls?"

"I don't know what you'retalking about; I don't...

"Did they scorea lot of goal units this week?

"Are they inthe grand championship?!

How exciting for you!"

And it's not fair, because Ican't talk to random people

in an elevator about my hobbies,you know?

I can't be in an elevatorwith some random dude

and just be like,

"Hey, do you think Wolverinecould survive a fall from space?

Oh, you don't follow Wolverine?Okay."

Like, I can't do that!Not allowed to do that!

Not fair. Not fair.