Kate Berlant - Stealing Cosmetics

The One Where Hannibal Looks Like "Miami Vice" Season 2, Ep 7 08/11/2015 Views: 22,478

Kate Berlant explains why she thinks women have the right to steal beauty products. (2:09)

Do you guys steal?

Who steals? So one personsaid no, so there's a cowardright here.


No one steals, just a roomfull of nerds.

I steal in a very specific way.

Um, I believe 100 percentthat women have the rightto steal cosmetics.

Um, completely, thank you.Absolutely.

The situation is womensometimes-- sometimesupon birth...

are forced into an economy...

you have to pay for your ownsubjectivity constantly, right?

So if you don't have certaincreams, powders, lotions...

um, the state won'trecognize you, um...

You can't get a job, right?

It's really-- it's very violent,kind of, the system.

So I've taken to, over theyears, just graduallystealing from--

And by the way, I'm not talkingabout small Ma and Pa shops.

Who here is a small businessowner?

Just so I know, that's whatI thought. So relax, but--

I'm talking about Sephora,right?

See me at really big chains,right? Those kind of arean anchor for me.

Uh, for example, the redlipstick I'm wearing tonight...

Hey. Um, it's calledScarlett Empress.

And it costs $30...

if you pay for it.

And I won't.

It's-- thank you so much, yes.Absolutely.

It's confusing, it's sort ofhow, you know, as a woman you--

You're just kind of-- you wantyour father to sexualize you,right?

Because-- just because you wanthim to see you as worthy, right?

And that's kind of the onlycurrency available.

So you want that,but at the same time...

that's very repugnant.

You know, so, again you're sortof caught in the dancing...

and again, for this,no training, okay?

Just want to say that just'cause I felt some people go...

"Oh, another one." You know,but this is completely-- no--

No lessons, so--