Alfred Robles - Religious Mother

Gina Brillon & Alfred Robles Season 3, Ep 6 11/08/2014 Views: 3,453

Growing up with a religious mother left Alfred Robles with a bad taste in his mouth. (1:55)

and I startedmaking out with this chick.


Then I startedgrabbing her butt.

And she tells me,"You got to stop.

I got a boyfriend,and I believe in karma."

I told her, "Uh, I thinkwe should have sex.

"I believe in Jesus,

and he'll forgive you."

And my mom, she's, uh...she's out there.

She's real religious.

She's a fanatic,so that makes her crazy.

And when I was younger,she used to tell me,

"You got to go confess.You got the Devil inside you."

I was there every other week.

One time I was there,the father asked me,

"Alfred, is that you again?"


"All right, Alfred, listen up.

Tell your mom we're fathers;we're not your father."

"Amen, Father."

And we used to go to church.

Mom... My mom usedto take this cup and she used

to get the holy water, andshe used to tell me, "Drink it.

You got the Devil inside me."

I was a little kid,so I used to believe her.

(high-pitched):"What is he doing inside me?

Tell him to leave."

And if you haven't drankholy water,

that (bleep) is nasty.

It tastes like fingers.

One time I got my mom's nail.


She was crazy, man!