Patton Oswalt - Things Have Gotten Dark Again

New York Comedy Festival Season 1, Ep 1 01/11/2011 Views: 15,161

Patton Oswalt doesn't feel as angry as he used to. (3:31)

PATTON OSWALT: Is there abetter place for me to sit?

INTERVIEWER 1: No, this is fine.

PATTON OSWALT: Guys, grabsome fruit, grab a Diet Coke.

INTERVIEWER 2: I actually mightgrab a water, if that's cool.

-Yeah, you can.INTERVIEWER 3: Would you mind?


INTERVIEWER 3: You do mind?


I guess, I want to be ashonest as I can be on stage.

So when I was younger,if I was being honest,

I was angry abouta lot of stuff.

But then as stuff in my lifebegan to work out, you know,

I got married, I had akid, a lot of the stuff

that I wanted to create, Icreated, and it was successful.

So then it would befake for me to be angry.

If you're in your 40's or50's and you're still acting

with the anger of like an ironic22-year-old, you're lying.

Because it would besuch an obvious put-on.

And I just don't wantto-- maybe when I'm older,

I'll start gettingangry about stuff again.

I'm doing-- I'm bloggingfor "Comedy Central."



SARAH VOWELL: IfI had a nickle--


Hi, "Comedy Central."




-Ladies and gentlemen--hang on-- Sarah

Vowell, ladies and gentlemen.

You should be reading her books.SARAH VOWELL: That was a very--

-Read "The WordyShipmates," goddamn it.

It's awesome.

Well, it's, you know, TVis very good right now,

because it's the sameway that movies were.

The networks are the way thestudios were in the very late

'60s, where everything'scollapsing around them

and they're taking more chances.

People can do TV showsin their rooms now.

You know, eventually,that's going to happen.

So it just feels exciting.

I have that itch toalways do something that's

going to be new andfun and innovative.

The only genre I haveleft is just what's good.

And that, to me, thatcould be television, that

could be movies,that could be a play.

You know, whatever is going tobe interesting and challenging.

I don't want to justgo, wow, now I've

got another broody Indiemovie, keep that fire going.

INTERVIEWER 1: Thiswould be more of a treat

for like thereaders of the blog.

Since you have such a--

-Just having me here is good.

We're going to addwhipped cream now.


-Already, there'salready a fucking

fudge sundae sitting here.

And there's four fudgesundaes right here.

INTERVIEWER 1: Since theholidays are coming up,

I just wanted-- you have suchgreat tastes-- like, what are

like the, like, five orso, gift suggestions?

-I have the worsttaste in gifts.

I just always-- I go forthis, either get someone

a box DVD set orreally good scotch.

Give my name to a library.

That would make me feel-- I'mnot trying to be like I'm Mr.

Altruism, but especially,like, geeks like me,

I have such specific tastesanything you're going

to get me, I boughtit weeks ago.

Give money to a public libraryand fill in a public pool.

Like, actually havecement and sand brought in

and fill in a publicpool so people aren't

stewing in thisweird soup and sweat.

And that would makethings perfect.

INTERVIEWER 1: Well,in "My Weakness

is Strong" you talk a lotabout Obama and that optimism.

And tonight you, like,mentioned that things

may also be more complicated.

-Yeah, well, you know,what I recorded that CD,

it was very-- at thebeginning of this year,

and I was really excitedand I was full of optimism.

And now I'm not.

Things have gotten dark again,and they've gotten really scary

on both sides, in the factthat you have all these crazy,

you know, proud to bemisinformed people.

And then you have this weak--this President that's just not

telling them to gofuck themselves.

He should just tell meto go fuck themselves.

INTERVIEWER 1: I don't want totake up too much of your time.

I don't know if--

PATTON OSWALT: Too late.INTERVIEWER 1: Ha, ha, ha.


I'm sorry.