Ryan Stout - Laughter

Black, Sirof, Rothenberg, Wilson, Smith, Stout, Bowman Season 2, Ep 7 05/24/2007 Views: 4,513

Ryan likes to hear a laugh that comes from human empathy. (2:00)

a prologue to whatI'm about to do here tonight,

I have to tell you,

when I'm on stage,I enjoy a, uh,

very specific type of laugh...

much more thanany other type of laugh.

My favorite laughin the whole wide world

is this laugh.

(quiet, sustained groan)

(quiet chuckle)

It's kind of a..."I support this, but not...

uh, publicly."


It's the same kind of laughthat I'm sure happens,

like, if you see someone,anyone,

like, fall down the stairs.


At the battered women's shelter.

Did you feel the difference?That's the laugh!

I love that laugh.

What happens with that laugh is,uh, is, like,

down here in this placeof sadness and human empathy,

you go, "Oh,somebody's getting hurt?

That's not good."


And then up in this place...of, like, logic and context,

you go, "Well, that's, uh...

perfect... somehow."

"I would like to laugh

"out loud at that,but I think other people here

might judge me."

So I guess what I'm saying is

that during my portionof the show,

or if you ever see stand-upcomedy ever again in your lives,

if you find yourself, um,angry or... or offended

by a joke, what's happening is,what's happening is

you're coming too muchfrom this place

down here... and that up here,


you're stupid.

So please, do the work, crowd,that's all I'm asking.

You have a job, too.

Do you think it takes less timefor a midget to freeze to death

than an average-sizehuman being? Does it?

It takes less time to thaw,I'll give you that. Uh...

Because they fitin the microwave.

But nonetheless...

(laughter)People think I have