Comics Are Wired Differently

Breakdown! Season 1, Ep 2 12/02/2013 Views: 1,737

Brody begins to talk about his experience in the psych ward with his friends and on stage. (2:02)

Anybody? Go ahead, Tom.

Who what?

Uh, Nick Kroll.

MAN IN AUDIENCE (O.S.):Yeah, there you go.

Um, Jesus of LA...

who's just a real guywho dresses up as Jesus.

Yeah, some people don't like it.

I don't want to hear aboutsome guy going to theUCLA Psych Ward.

He was still kind ofnot all the way back.

But I told Brody, after thefact, of all professions, thisfits being a comedian.

I think a lot of comicsare wired differently...

maybe chemically or from theirbackground, or a combinationof the both.

And I think Brody is a classicexample of being wiredto be that way.

I was going through a bitof a depression years ago...

and Brody knew it and he justshowed up at my house every day.

Just-- he didn't say, "Hey,I'm here to help," I justknew what he was doing.

BRODY (O.S.):Where was I?

I was gonna ask you about yourdaily routine when you wereat the psych ward.

Well, I got 15-minutebreaks out on the rooftop.

You would-- and I wouldsoak in some sun...

I would bring mytransistor radio.

I would play ping pong.

This sounds likea... Courtyard by Marriott.

A girl jumped over the tableat me, because I made funof chocolate milk.

First of all, how do you makefun of chocolate milk? Like it--

She went after me, she threw herchair, jumped over the table.

She looked like maybe somebodywho would jump over a tableif somebody...

I met her, remember?insulted chocolate milk.


And then the next day,she was like, "I wantto have your baby."

She wanted to have my baby.

Yeah, why was she in there?What was her diagnosis,do you remember?