A Date at the Batting Cages

Face Time Season 1, Ep 8 12/23/2013 Views: 991

Brody puts some of the dating advice he has gotten into practice when he goes to the batting cages with Jackie. (2:31)

Go ahead, you go first.

Oh, really?Do you know how to putthe ball down?

I'm right here. I'm right here.It's dog right?

Oh!Ah, you ruined it.

What? I ruined it?

Jackie, I'm gonna tell Elianayou're not trying.

Don't tell Eliana I touched it.Okay.

This is the 405.405.

This is where the 405and the 101 intersect.

Right here, see that blue car?They're going northbound.

What are you thinkingabout right now?

Going home... alone?

Yeah, I'm not gonna getromantic with you.

Eliana told me,"Do not get romantic...

"even if Jackie wantsto kiss you, don't let her."

I can just sit here all day,and look into your sunglasses.

Yeah, I'm self-obsessed.

Yeah, you look good.

Come on in.All right.

Hands together...and--

Jackie, a little more effort,let's go.

Hands together.I'm trying.

Yeah! That's a foul tip,that's okay.

What gets you going,to see me hit in the 80 cage?

I'm not sayingit's gonna turn you on...

but you would like to seea man hitting at the fastestmachine here.


For you, Jackie.

Damn it!

Whoo! Whoo!



Because a lot of times I comehere by myself and justisolate...

and think about things, but...

It's a cool place to get away.to actually come herewith a partner or friend.

It was pretty cool.

So, I know you gotta get going,you gotta get back overthe hill.

I'll walk you to your car and...Cool.

And say--I want to say thanks a lot.Okay.

You're free to leave.You're released.

JEFF GARLIN (O.S.):You know what he's gotta do?

He's gotta do whateverybody's gotta do.

You gotta have what you needfrom yourself first.

Don't go looking for itfrom somebody else.

Have a sense of dignity,a sense of confidence...

and when he focuseson his own mental health...