Problems at "Chelsea Lately"

I'm Sorry, Chelsea Season 1, Ep 3 12/09/2013 Views: 1,265

Brody tells the story of why he ended up quitting his audience warm-up job at "Chelsea Lately." (2:12)

The day I left was a day thatI didn't plan on havingproblems.

But those problems arose.

The crew guys were goofingaround, you know,rattling the curtain.

Trying to get a rise out of me.

So I went up to one of theproducers and I said...

"These guys are talking in thereand kind of driving me nuts...

"and I'm trying to warm upthe audience and I can't."

And he goes, "What do you wantme to do about it?"

I go, "Nothing,I'm just telling you."

So he says, "Just go outthere and warm up."

And I go, "I do morethan just warm up the audience,I'm an actor.

"I do movies. Thank you."

And I raised my voice back thereand I think I scareda make-up girl.

Maybe the comedian was scared.

They didn't know what washappening.

So then I went outand I warmed up the crowd.

But once the taping started,I kind of shut down.

I didn't put the energy out.

I was upset, and the showdidn't do very well.

And then the head executiveproducer came in and justblasted me...

and said, "This is it! Chelsea'smad, so-and-so is mad.

"You [BLEEP]ed up!"

Nobody asked me like whathappened, I just kindof got yelled at.

I saw Chelsea later that night,it was a holiday partyat her house.

And she said, "Well, Brody,I heard you had a problemtoday at work."

I said, "Yes, I did, I'm sorry."

And she goes, "We'll talkabout it on Monday."

And I just felt likeI was gonna get reprimanded.

Being that I'd been in troublebefore for a couple littleflare-ups...

audience members occasionallysaying that I was too hardon them.

And I wasn't the greatestaudience warm-up.

I would get on the audiencesometimes, maybe scare somepeople.

And I thought about itand I got nervous, I got scared.

And I went in on Mondayand I quit.

And they said, "Okay, bye,"and that was it.

And then nobody reached outto me like, "Sorry it endedthat way."

It was just kindof "see you later".

I happened to be a gueston Chelsea that dayon the round table.

I had heard that Brody walkedoff the set during his warm-up.

And he came to me, and he waslike, "I'm quitting tomorrow".

And I was like, "Don't do that,that is ridiculous."

And he's like, "I'mdisrespected" and it was thisweird thing in him...

that I'd never seen before,where he was really concernedwith being respected.

400 shows of Chelseaand I walked out on top!

You don't disrespect me!

You don't do it!