Exclusive - Tom Lennon - Opera of Nightmares

Joe Zimmerman, Sara Schaefer, Tom Lennon Season 4, Ep 2 08/02/2013 Views: 2,094

Performing in Webster Hall brings back many memories for Tom Lennon, including snorting what he thought was cocaine in 1993. (1:00)

So much history inthis historic place.

Bob Dylan played here.

A little band calledGuns N' Roses.

And in 1993, me doing whatI thought was cocaine in the

bathroom right overthere with some dude.

But it turned out to be PCP.

General note, you guys: whenthe dude snorting something

in the bathroom is totallypsyched to share it with

you, that mightnot be cocaine.

It might actually besomething that sends you

into an opera of nightmares.

A Mobius of terror.