Yamaneika Saunders - Settling Down - Uncensored

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All Yamaneika Saunders's girlfriends are getting married and having kids, but she's already given up on finding love and starting a family. (1:20)

- All my girlfriends having babies.

Babies are getting married

and I'm doing nothing and people are looking at me like

When are you doing that?

When are you gonna do it?

I'm like motherfucker, I don't know.


Don't you think if I could do it, I would have done it?


There's nothing for me to do.

There's no one.


I am set in who I am, this is it.

There's no more younggirl shit where I'm like

Oh my God, love is gonna come.

No, there's no love.


I got two cats and sleep apnea,this shit's not happening.


It's done.

I had a girlfriend the other tell me like

Oh my God, this guy, he fucked me to sleep.

He fucked me to sleep.


I'm like I don't want a guy to fuck me.

He can't fuck me to sleep, okay, I got sleep apnea.

He gotta fuck me kindato sleep and then let me

put my mask on, and thenkeep fucking me, right?


This is the shit.

'Cause I'll die, like you can't go fuck me to sleep.

My insurance does not cover sleep.