#HashtagWars - #AddTheRockImproveAnything

Monday, May 2, 2016 05/02/2016 Views: 136

Rachael Harris, Scott Auckerman and "Weird Al" Yankovic celebrate Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's birthday by using his name to enhance everything from songs to movie quotes. (2:29)

It's now timefor the #HashtagWars.

(cheering, applause)

No matter your race, creed,political affiliation,

Hogwarts house,in these trying times,

there's one thingwe can all agree on--

Dwayne The Rock Johnson(bleep) rules.

(whooping, cheering, applause)

I mean, thisdoesn't even have enough

to represent what's going onfor real under there.

I think it's safe to sayhe's America's favorite

half-Samoan, half-teddy bear,ex-wrestler movie star

who loves dogs,and is somehow threatening

and approachableat the same time!

And Monday wasThe Rock's birthday,

so we'd like to celebrate theman who can make anything better

with tonight's hashtag,#AddTheRockImproveAnything!

And beforewe get into this game,

Dwayne The Rock Johnson,I love you,

please come on our show!

-You will be amazing on it!-(cheering, applause)



my birthday gift back to you,come on our show, please.

Examples might be:Bed, The Rock & Beyond,

or Love is patient,love is kind,

love is Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

I'm gonna put 60--yeah, any...

just put The Rock in anything--in 60 seconds, and begin.

-Weird Al. -Dwayne's, Trains and Automobiles.

-Yes, points.-(laughter)

Oh, my God,I love John The Rock Candy.

Uh... Scott.

-SpongeRock DwaynePants.-Yes, points.


3rd The Rock Johnson from the Sun.

Yes, points.

Scott... Scott.

The Diary of Anne The Rock Frank.



One, two, three o'clock,four o'clock,

-Dwayne The Rock Johnson.-Yes, points. -(cheering)

-Rachael Harris.-Suck my Dwayne, Alan.

-Yes. Points.-(laughter)

Rachael The Rock Harris.

Fake it till you Dwayne it.



Scott The Rock Aukerman.Scott the Rockerman.

My neck, my back,my pussy and my Dwayne?

-Uh, points.-(laughter, applause)

Uh, Al The Rock Yankovic.

You want the Tooth Fairy?

You can't handlethe Tooth Fairy!

-Yes, excellent reference.-(cheering, applause)

Two excellent referencesfor the price of one.

-Rachael.-If he Dwayne me good,

I take his ass to Rock Lobster.

-Yes, points! Points.-(cheering, applause)

HARDWICK: That was...that was a really good one.

That was a really good one.