Jessi Klein - Smooth and Sexy

Jessi Klein Season 15, Ep 13 03/04/2011 Views: 14,603

Jessi Klein would like to know what she is supposed to be doing with her pubic hair. (1:42)

I have a question for theladies...


- Ladies, here'smy question...

Do any of youhave any idea

what we're supposedto be doing

with our pubichair anymore?

Like, what are we supposedto be doing with it?

Like, I don't know whatthe kids want anymore.

Like, to me, it's,like, hem lines.

It's like up anddown with the season.

You knowwhat I mean?

Tonight, I justshaped it into like

a tastefulboy shorts.

[audience laughing]

Neither too sexynor too coy.

I'm obviouslyjoking, you guys.

I'm not disgusting.

I'm not a beast.

All the hair has beenremoved from down there,

you guys.

It is, uh, as smooth andsexy as a baby's face.

Because what issexier or more desirable

than a baby face?

[audience laughing]

Oh, That's horrible.

That's horrible.

I, um, I recently went to,uh, my best friend's wedding.

She, uh, got marriedup in Freeport, Maine

and, uh, we wereall bridesmaids,

all my friendswere bridesmaids,

uh, in the wedding.

Have any of the womenhere been bridesmaids?


It can be a little bitof a bummer, you know,

'cause there's that oldsaying, "always a bridesmaid,

"never an astronaut."

And so, we all drive up toMaine, uh, to Freeport, Maine