The Chicago Cubs Win the World Series

November 3, 2016 - Common 11/03/2016 Views: 33,217

The Chicago Cubs secure their first World Series victory in more than 100 years, and superfan Roy Wood Jr. was there for the historic game. (3:36)

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But first let's startwith something

we don't get to sayoften enough:

some good news out of Chicago.

COMMENTATOR: The longest drought in the history

of American sports is over!

The curse is dead.

REPORTER: Chicago erupting overnight.

Thousands celebrating in the streets.

COMMENTATOR 2: The Cubs win the World Series!

Oh, yes. Yes.

You know, before last night,

I had almost forgottenwhat joy looks like.

Everybody in Americahas been so tense and grim.

Even Halloween this year,people were walking around like,

well, zombies.

I do feel badfor the Indians though,

defeated on their own landagain.

Although, although,uh, most Native Americans

are probably okaythat this guy lost.

This (bleep) needs to change,people.

This (bleep) needs to change.

(cheering and applause)

One thing, one thingI really loved last night

was seeing all the newsand the pictures

of Cubs fans celebrating.

They were so happy, so relieved.You know?

They were... they were so...I mean, look at this guy...

Wait, is... C-Can you zoom?Is that...

Is that Roy Wood Jr.?

-You're damn right it is!-That's Ro...

Oh, it's Roy Wood...Oh, it's Roy Woo Jr., everybody!

-You're damn right it is!-Roy Wood Jr.!

Our number one Cubs fan.

Fresh from Cleveland, man.

I can't believe it.Roy was actually at the ga...

I can't believeyou came to work.

I can't believe you'restill wearing the same robe.

This is amazing, Roy.

You are back in New York, Roy.

You can... you can putthe sign down, man.

Mm-mm, mm-mm.

You soundjust like United Airlines.

Captain gonna tell me I need tosit down and put the sign away.

Not tonight!Fly the plane, Sully!

Okay, Roy,

-can we just talk about the gamereal quick, man? -Okay.

You must... Like, for real,you-you must've had

-an emotional night.-Yeah, I mean, you know, dude,

it was grown-ass men broughtto tears.

You got to remember, dude.

Cub fans, like,this-this wasn't just for them.

This was for the generations,three generations, of ancestors

who never lived to see the Cubswin the series.

So then,if it was for generations,

who were you there for?

I was there for myself.

I'm the only Cubs fanin my family.

Yeah, actually...No. But, actually,

now that you bring that up,you're from...

-you're from Alabama. So...-Yeah.

how did you become a Cubs fan?

'Cause it came on TV.Look, in Alabama...

Look, in the '80s, only twobaseball teams came on TV,

the Cubs and the Braves.

And I couldn't watch the Braves'cause they came on at night,

and my daddy wantedto watch Airwolf.

What you know about Airwolf?

I actually loved Airwolf. By theway, I hate to bring this up,

but what is that smell?

Oh, man, it's the lucky robe.

I ain't washed it in a year.

I was ridin' all over the game,man.

I had it on last night,

fellowshippin'with complete strangers.

Plus, when that storm hit--this the best part, man--

that rainstorm started comingaround the ninth inning,

this robe sucked upall the water,

and I brought it backas a souvenir.

Look at this right here, man.

(groaning, laughter)

That is authenticgame seven precipitation.

Oh, yeah, man.I'm wringing this out.

I'm-a sell this for a grandan ounce on eBay, man.

This is concentrated victory!

Boy, go and hit you someof that. Hit that.

No, I'm-I'm good, Roy. I'm good.

All right, your loss, man.

All right.Congrat-Congratulations, Roy.

Roy Wood Jr., everybody.Roy Wood Jr.

These fans...You guys are extreme.

You guys are extreme.

You... Are you just gonna sitthere while-while I do this?

Yeah, go and do your thing.Don't worry about me.

All right. Stay there. Whatever.