Flipping the Script

The Most Dangerless Game Season 7, Ep 6 02/15/2017 Views: 451

Blake and Ders confront their wealthy hosts in the wild, but their moment of triumph is cut short. (3:37)

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- [laughing manically]- Yeah!

Looks like the scriptis flipped.

- That's right. Good luckhunting people

without any bullets, boys!

How's this work?


- Oh! Ow!

Yeah, it's okay.Keep--oww!

- Oh, that really--


- Mm, I think that's it.[gunshot]

- Ow!- Nope, that's not it.

All right, yep, I'm out.- I'm all out. I'm all out.

- I'm out.- Back to back. Back to back.

- What the hellis the matter with you?

- Oh, come on, man.We're on to you.

We know all aboutyour sick plan.

Hunting humans just becausethey're not as smart as you.

- The heck are you talkingabout, hunting people?

- Oh, come on. The gig is up.

I heard you no the phone saying"the little one is the target."

I saw the plaquewith Adam's name on it

where his severed headwas supposed to go!

- We're hunting wolvesto protect you!

There were three sightedaround here,

and one of them might be rabid.

- The plaque is for his picture.

We make one for everyguest of honor.

- Okay, okay, so even ifthis way more plausible

explanation is true,what's with this guy here?

- He has a brain injuryfrom concussions.

He was the firstguest of honor here.

- Ever since I was in the XFL,

I've been in constant pain--

- I'm sorry, did you just sayyou were in the XFL?

Oh, my God, dude!- The XFL is legendary, man!

Did you know He Hate Me?

Did he like you?Would he like me?

- He Hate Me loved me,but the point is,

my life has beena constant torment--

- What team you were on?Were you on the Outlaws?

Or were you--ooh, Maniax.

You were on the Maniax.I recognize you.

- You are a maniac.

- Wolves.

- Oh, you're the Wolves, okay.Hey, mad respect.

Not necessarily the Maniax.They were cool.

Where is that, Duluth?- No, I think from Washington.

- No, no, actual wolves.

Look behind you, you morons!

- Oh, wolves!- Oh, oh, oh!

- I don't want to die, man.

I never got to be Deadpoolfor Halloween.

- Was never in a threesome.

At least one that I was allowedto participate in.

- Yahh! Ders, you can still haveyour threesome, my man.

And Blake, you'll get to dothe thing that you wanna do,

even though I was too far awayto hear exactly what that was.

Here, kitty!Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!

- Adam, where'd you getthe flare, man?

- I got it from the cabin.

I took a showerand I also ate some peaches.

But while I was eatingthose peaches,

I thought there's no way

that I can let my friendsbe killed

by these freaking murderous,villainous businessmen!

Because not saving your friends,

that really is stupid.

- Right, so, uh...

not actually killerbusiness dudes.

We didn't know. He didn't know.

- Come on, man, throw, like,the flare at the wolves.

Make 'em go away.

- Shh.

- Adam, Adam,what are you doing?

Do not be stupid, okay?

Just listen to theintelligent people, for once!

- There are different kindsof intelligence, Anders.

There's environmentalfilm watching intelligence.


There's artificial intelligence,

and there's the kindof intelligence that I have.

The knowing that whenyou swallow a bunch of gasoline,

it'll turn your puke...

into fireballs.



Ah, it's worse coming back up.


it's okay, little kitty.

[rock music]


[wolves whimpering]

[all cheering]

- It worked! The wolves,they're running away!