Uncensored - Ralphie May - Telling the Truth in Bed

Russ Meneve, April Macie, Ralphie May Season 1, Ep 4 05/04/2014 Views: 21,810

Some men lie to women about their sexual abilities but not Ralphie May. (1:17)

I play on television,

this is myfavorite one.

I want you toknow that.

A lot of men uh, lieto get women into bed.

Lie about what's gonnahappen, okay?

Not me, man.

I tell themthe fucking truth.

You know, 'cause goodgirls expect that shit.

Like, have you everheard this, right girls?

Girl, I'm gonna fuckyou all night long.


That's a fucking lie.

Okay? No way, you'renot getting that lie

to fall outof my mouth.

I tell women the truth.

Look, I'm gonna give you20 minutes of hard dicking.

And, then I'mgoing to sleep.

And, if you don't cum,I don't give a shit.


I really don't.

I told you exactly how muchtime you had allotted for your

orgasm, 20 minutes,same as me.

That's allI need, bitch.

That's all youneed, okay?

I tell them, thinkof it like a race.

If you beat me tocumming, you win.

But, you need to understand,girls, I'm very competitive.

So, don'ttelegraph it, girl.

Keep it toyourself, okay?

Don't fuckingannounce it.

Oh, I'm about to cum!

I'll cheat.

I will, I'll cheat.

I'll stick a finger up my ownass and drop a load right there.

I ain't afraid.

Just to the first knuckle.

Nothing gay, sir,nothing gay.

Just a knuckle deep.

A little how you doin'?

Just pressingthe elevator button.

Just trying to get to the fifthfloor, you know what I'm saying?