Kevin Hart - New Hobby

Philadelphia Season 1, Ep 7 11/13/2016 Views: 1,967

Kevin Hart steps behind the bar to prove himself as a mixologist, but his training quickly reveals itself to be lacking. (1:56)

- Hey.- What up, what up?

- There they go, sit down.- What's up, man?

- Clean that seat out.Y'all want something to drink?

Yeah, you do. Look like I'mtalking to two beer me, ain't I?

Huh?Shit, that's--watch yourselves.

Anybody cut?Everybody all right?

Okay, let me clean that up.Watch your leg, Joey,

'causethat glass can get in your skin,

and we can't get it out.

Brother, I got a new hobby, man.

- A hobby?- Yes.

Mixology, man.This is my new thing.

- Kev, you know you got to go toschool for bartending.

You know that, right?- I don't have to go to school

for nothing, okay?

I took a app.

- An app?- Yes.

Download a app on my phone,mixology app,

read it for two minutes.

I got it all in my head,brother.

Kev, people study for years tobecome good bartenders.

You gonna learn from a app?

- Same people that study foryears are the same people

that created the app, so I don'thave to study for years, Harry.

- Give me a lemon drop.

- I don't--that's not in theapp.

I don't know what--I don't knowhow to do that.

- All right, let me make itsimple.

Give me a gin and juice.

- Yes, that's easy.That's easy.

- Are we talking about drinksfrom the States,

or are you guys in Japan?Where are y'all at?

Where do--let's talk about--

- The ingredients are in thename, Kev.

- Brother, if I'm themixologist, let me mix, okay?

Let me--let me bring to you whatI do best.

Can we do that?- Have at it.

- Huh?Ooh.

Go boy.Huh?

Is it a basketball, or is it abottle?

What do I have?- Hey, man, just--

- Whoo.- Huh?

- You want a long pouror a short pour?

- I just want it in the glass.- I'ma give you a long.


Still in the glass.- Just-just--

- Still in the glass.

Who like dark?

I can't see nothing, 'cause Ilike dark.

Boy, watch this.

Mm, hit 'em with it.Splash that on 'em, right?

- You're getting--

- Brother, y'all like olives orno?

Shit, grab that one for me?

- Don't--- Pass it back to me.

I got you, brother.- I'm not gonna do this.

- Saw this yesterday--Joey, comehere, Joey.

- I'm not gonna do it.- Joey, brother,

let me show yousomething.

I'm done, man. I can't.- Just let me--come here.

Taste what I got.Harry. Harry!

Joey! Huh?

It's called a DoohickeyDirt Right.

That is fucking disgusting.