Keegan-Michael Key - Reflecting on the 2016 Election and Barack Obama's Presidency

November 8, 2016 - Election Night Special 11/08/2016 Views: 15,177

Comedian Keegan-Michael Key reacts to the nightmarish final moments of the 2016 presidential race and describes the impact that President Obama had on his life. (4:59)

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Please welcomeKeegan-Michael Key!

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

-All right.-Welcome, welcome, welcome,

welcome, welcome,welcome.

-Okay, thank you.-Welcome to the show.

Man, I wishwe could have, uh, been here,

you know, in a slightlydifferent situation.

Just a slightly differentsituation. (clears throat)

-You were watching right now.What are you... -Hmm?

-What are you feeling?-I'm sorry, what's happening?

Where are we? I'm sor...

Did I wake up? No, I didnot wake up from a nightmare.

No, this's really happening.

Um, what... I'm just, uh,right now,

all I'm just thinking aboutis that, uh, I might...

I was, uh, now I feel like Ishould have just stayed at home

in Detroit and lived there,'cause I'm so close to Canada.

I'm so close.I could just move like that.

-You know what I mean?-I feel like that's the feeling

-everyone is having right now.-Yeah.

Are you one of those peoplewho is as shocked?

Oh, no,I'm-I'm completely shocked.

I had no idea thatthis was gonna happen.

I'm a big...I'm a big Nate Silver guy,

and I thoughtwe had this thing in the bag.

-I really did. And...-So your downfall is numbers.

-It's numbers.-I feel like under Trump

numbers are going to go away.

-They're gonna go away.-It feels like it's fitting.

It's fitting that under Trumpnumbers are not a thing anymore.

-There will be no more math.-Yes.

He's just gonna go...he's like, "It'll be fun.

We can... we can do it."Or whatever.

-You know what I mean? -Yeah.The numbers and language...

"But, sir, the numbersaren't gonna work."

"It's fine.""No, it's not fine.

It's actually finite logic,and it's called mathematics."

-Yeah, it's gonna be an issue.-He'll be like,

"Look at where your mathgot you last time, folks."

-Right! -That's how he's gonnawin every single conversation.

He's like,"Where did your math get you?

Everybody had insurance. Boo."

It's a scary time anda scary place for us to be in

because of how much damageDonald Trump can do.

-Right. -Uh, you are connectedcloser than most.

I mean,... I mean, for you...

You realize, I mean,after this night,

President Obama is-is...still a president,

but now we havea president-elect.

Yes. Yes. And I'm try...I'm already in a place

where I'm trying...I'm trying to savor

as much time as we have leftwith him, you know?

'Cause it's likea forced breakup.

It's like someone said,"It's not enough of a dowry,

and you don't getto get married."

You don't get to be marriedanymore or something.

So... or a forced divorce,I should say.

But I, um, yeah, I'm-I'm, uh...

President-elect, it's's gonna kind of loom,

you know, like a dark cloud.It's an interesting thing.

What did...what did he mean to you?

I mean, he's not gone,but what did he mean?

Well, what did he mean--to be honest with you, he...

I really feel...Jordan and I both feel

that our show would not haveexisted if it wasn't for Obama.

-Yeah.-It really wouldn't have.

I think that he becamea part of the zeitgeist,

and people started thinking,oh, this is...

this is another facethat exists in America.

This is another facethat counts in America.

-Yeah.-And not only did it count,

but he became the leader...of this nation,

and-and the leaderof the free world.

We never knew that was gonna happen.

I mean, I grew up in... invirtually a single-parent home.

Jordan grew upin a single-parent home,

We're both biracial people.He was...

To have the president be you...

was an amazing,amazing experience.

Ironically, ironically,then you became the president.

-Right! -Because,no, because you were...

-you were Obama's, uh, Luther.-Anger translator.

-Yeah, anger translator.-Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, and it was interestingto be able to play...

to try to play somebody's id

-and try to playsomebody's emotions -Yeah.

for such a long time,and then to meet the man,

and have... have him say, justlook at you and just be like,

"Uh, you're doing it right."So you know what I mean?

-(laughter)-That's like... You know?

We never thoughtwe'd get that validation.

-That is funny.-To get that validation was,

it's the most amazing thingthat's happened in our career.

What do you thinkhe's-he's feeling right now?

-If I... if I picture Obama,-Mm-hmm.

and you do so wellin thinking of him,

if, like, if he's sitting therewatching TV right now

and you were translating for himand he was going,

"Uh, I can't believethis is happening."

"Well, (bleep),now I wish I was from Kenya!



"I mean, I been goingthrough all this bull!

I'll have to go livewith my cousins now in..."


-Oh, man. It's, uh... yeah.-Yeah.

It's tough. We are comedians,though, and so...

-Right. -we have to makethe comedy things after this.

-Yes, yes, yes. Well,-Yeah? You feel you...?

I think I'm just gonna takea real hard turn in a drama.

-(laughter) -Just likeall of us, take a strong...

Like, a real strong...What if we just...

we're sternfor the next four years?

That would bea great protest thing...

It would be just, like,all com... there's no comedy.

It was not 9/11that killed comedy,

-it was this election. Yeah.-Yes, it was Donald Trump.

-Yes, yes, yes.-Jokes died.

Yeah, the jokes died.

♪ The night the jokes died.

-That's a great song.-Do you like that?

-I like that a lot.-It's a great song.

I just got to writeall the lyrics now,

we'll be in good shape.Um, no, I-I think...

I think what's... one of things,

one of the qualitiesthat we possess,

certainly in regard to satire,is that we have to be able

to look at itin an objective way.

But right nowit's very emotional to us.

And-and... and it's...and I don't have the answer yet

as to how we're we're gonna come together

as a country.

Whether or notmy parents voted for Reagan

or agreed with Reagan,like, this guy had a landslide,

so a lot of peoplewere thinking one way.

And here in this country,it's fractured

-right down the middle.-Yep.

-And it's interesting.-It is interesting,

and I don't think anyonereally has the answer.

But thank you for being here,my friend.

-It's a pleasure to be here.-I really appreciate

-Thank you for being here.-everything you've done.