"Hey It's Fluffy!" - Fluffy and the Demon

Nick Guerra & Gina Yashere Season 2, Ep 2 10/11/2012 Views: 15,437

After skipping church, Fluffy and his friends watch a scary movie that has a bad effect on Serena. (3:03)

♪ Hey, it's Fluffy!

I don't want to go to church--it's no fun.

You know,you're not supposed to like it.

It's supposedto be good for you.

Kind of like eating broccoli.

Like you ever ate broccoli.

Just for today, I want to bea bad girl and have fun.

Who's with me?

What do we do?

Fluffy, I've been going tochurch for 12 years,

praying that a girl wouldsay this to me.

Let's do this!

Hey, kids, guess what?

I got something under my coatthat's more fun than church.


I got new movies,old movies,

movies in the theater,movies coming out next month,

I got movies they ain'teven made yet.

Got any scary movies?

This movie is so scary,it's rated TV-I.

The only peopleallowed to watch it

are thosewho are already insane.

I want to watch it.

Unless you guysare afraid.

BOTH:We'll take it.

I got a bad feelingabout this.

Seriously, it's great to watchscary movies with chicks,

'cause when they getall scared,

they just wantto cuddle.

That ain't gonna happen.

Everyone knows it'sjust a movie.

(scary music plays)


Hold me.

Just go make popcorn.

Show time.


(growly voice):I want your soul!

What?This stuff really works.

(rattling, banging)

That's not good.

I better check onMartin and Zirina!

Just rememberedI got an appointment

with a dog groomer--see you fools later!


I'm gonna drag your soulto Hell, Martin!

Ooh! Mood lighting!

Daddy likes.

(evil laughter)



Ooh, French kissingbefore dark, huh?

FLUFFY:Let's go!

Why?Zirina's possessed!

(evil laughter)

Hey, where we going?

To confession!

Father, we made a girlmiss Communion

to watch a bootleg horror movie,

and now she's possessedby the Devil!

Not in my church!


(electricity sizzlesand crackles)


God bless you!

Wow, Father, you'rereally good at your job!


Thanks, Fluffy.

Now who is ready for Communion?

Hey, man, you got something

like, with a pit bulland a poodle and a stick?

Hell, yeah!