Jonah Ray - Truth or Dare with Courtney Love

Jonah Ray Season 2, Ep 7 05/24/2013 Views: 16,558

During a drunken game of Truth or Dare, Jonah Ray raises the stakes by inviting Courtney Love to play along. (3:13)

Years after that, same house.

I don't know why I went backto it after that situation.

I went to the house and me,and my friend Doug are there.

And, uh, we're bored, and thenwe somehow are drunk enough

to, like, go, "Hey, we shouldall play Truth or Dare,

'cause we're adults."

And then, like,

our whole plan was we were gonnastart a game of Truth or Dare,

and then we're gonna get girlsto kiss,

like, so it's not creepy, it's,like, I was like, "I dare you

to kiss my friend Doug," andDoug's gonna go, "I dare you

to kiss Jonah,"and it was gonna be great.

We were both gonnaget to kiss girls.

I was 25. (laughs)

And so we start playing,

and Doug's not going alongwith the game plan.

Three times, I've gottengirls to kiss him,

he's had his opportunitya handful,

I've not kissed any girls.

So all of a sudden I startlooking like a weirdo going,

like, "You, I dare youto kiss my friend Doug.

"He's so good at it.

He's the king of making out."

And he's doing nothing for me.

And then, walkingthrough the kitchen

where we're playing this

is Courtney Love.

The "musician."

From Hole.

She's walking by

and I see her, and I'm like,

in a drunken Tourette's moment,I'm like,

"Hey, Courtney Love, you in onthis game of Truth or Dare?"

And before I could turn backto my friends and go,

"Did you just see what I saidto Courtney Love?"

she goes, "Okay," and thensaunters up to the table

like a drunken walrus.

And then everyone, like,looks at me going,

"Aw, you justruined this party.

She is the opposite of a party--this is a bummer."

And then, like, uh,

she's, like, part of the game.

She's the newestperson in there.

And, um, so it'sher turn to be asked.

And so a girl goes,"All right, Courtney Love...

(giggly mumbling)

...truth or dare?"(giggly mumbling)

And we're all laughing becausewe're too old to be doing this.

And then Courtney Love says,"Truth."

And then we all go, "Oh, no...

"Oh, what?



"Oh, way to go,

Dumb Girl."

And then we all start zeroingin on the girl going,

"Go and ask her.

Go and ask her, ooh,just ask her, ask her!"

We have this opportunity,we have this window

of an opportunity to askCourtney Love that question.

Anyone that's a fan of musicat all gets to ask her

if she had anything to dowith it, if she knows anything

what, like, what happened...'cause she can't lie.

It's Truth or Dare.

It would negate the whole thing.

And then the girl doesn't knowwhat to do, so she's, like,

"Oh, um... (groans)

uh... best personyou ever had sex with."

Everyone's like,


Literally, everyone said, "Boo."

She starts to answer,

and then everyone's just like,"You know what-- party's over."

We all start getting up,we're all pissed at that girl.

And, like, it's just,like, lame.

And then, like, uh, I goand find that girl later on

in the party, I go, "What wasyour problem back there?

You choked."

And she's like,"Did you really expect me

to ask her that question?"

I said, "Even ifCourtney Love had said, 'Dare,'

"you should have said,'I dare you to tell us

you killed Kurt Cobain.'"