Roast Battle II: L.A. Regionals Pt. 2 - The Big Bracket Reveal - Uncensored

Roast Battle II: L.A. Regionals Pt. 2 Season 2, Ep 4 01/22/2017 Views: 1,257

Jeff Ross and Brian Moses announce which roasters served up enough burns to go on to the finals. (3:17)

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Right no we want to announce thefinalists for "Roast Battle II."

Are you ready?- Yes.

"War of the Words!"

- We saw battlers in Atlanta,Denver, New York,

and Los Angeles.

Are you ready to find out?

Some of them are inthe room right now.

[cheers and applause]

We have the sweet 16 goingto the finals.

Who's the first one, Brian?

- We'll start withthe New York people.

From New York,you got Yamaneika Saunders.

- Yeah!

- J.P. is from Newtown,Connecticut,

where the Sandy Hook tragedyhappened,

and the worst thing to happento that town

is that he wasn't seven yearsold at the time of the shooting.

- Also for the New Yorkregionals,

Mr. Scott Chaplain,everybody.

- Yeah!

- Before Netflix existed,"Making a Murderer"

was just Eli's parents'called fucking.

- The beast from the East, ZacAmico is going to the finals.

- Yeah!

- The only recipe Evan's motherever left him

was her toxicology reportafter she OD'd.

[crowd exclaiming]

- Also from the New Yorkregionals, very funny dude,

Evan Williams.

Give it up for him.

- Zac recently did a showat a nudist colony.

Well, it was a nudist colony.

Now it's a PTSD support group.


- From the Midwest regionalin Denver,

Jay Light is goingto the finals.

- I'm really excited to beat upa black guy.

I'll finally make the front pageof "Worldstar."

- Also from the L.A. regionalsright here,

homegrown,Leah Kayajanian.

- You look like Macaulay Culkinwas left home alone for,

like, 20 more years.

- Another badass, Mr. Joe Doschis going to the finals.

- Alex is so ugly when he goesto a glory hole,

the guy on the other side wantsto just be friends.

- Our next guy, I don't thinkhe deserves it,

but I got over-voted,so fuck it.

Alex Hooper, everybody.

- Joe looks like he wouldorder soup at a sports bar.

- From Orange County--he's as round as an orange--

Keith Carey's goingto the finals.

- Anna's just jealousbecause my body is shaped

like the eggsshe can no longer produce.

- Another L.A. favorite,one of my favorites,

Anna Valenzuela's here tonight.

Take a bow, Anna.

- Keith just thinks I'm old'cause I'm four years past

his life expectancy.


- Also from L.A., he works righthere at The Comedy Store,

Frank Castillo is goingto the finals.

- Greg's Mexican familydoesn't get along with

his new girlfriendbecause they all pick fruit

and she picked a vegetable.

- One more time,we're gonna bring back

the great Olivia Grace,everybody.

- Leah's brother killed himself,

which explains why her titsare always at half-mast.

- Also just had a half houron Comedy Central,

the very handsomeMr. Matthew Broussard

is in the finals!

- Fun fact: the elevator scenefrom "The Shining"

was actually based onthe last time he tried to floss.


- Very awesome, very hilarious,Emmy-winning writer

Mr. Kurt Metzger is inthe competition.

- Ooh.

She's sharp, she's loud,

she's the headlinerfrom New York,

Jessica Kirson is going to the finals.

- This next comedianhas been busting my balls

my entire career.

Now he thinks he haswhat it takes

to enter my roast battle arena:

the great, legendary comedianMr. Todd Barry is in the ring!


That is our sweet 16!

The tournament starts January 26th

on Comedy Central.

"War of the Words!"