Nate Bargatze - Pretty Dumb

Nate Bargatze: Full Time Magic Season 1, Ep 1 05/02/2015 Views: 7,905

Nate Bargatze proves that he is, in fact, as dumb as he says he is. (1:32)

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I'm--like, you know,I tell people I'm dumb.

I'm like, "Hey, I'm dumb."

And--but no one goes,like, "Okay."

They're just always like,"I bet you're not dumb."

And you're like, "Well, I'mtrying to help you out here.

"Uh, we're aboutto have a conversation,

so I'm just tryingto give you a heads-up."


Here's a story--I can prove it--

if I need to--like I got to prove it.

Like, everybody's like,"Now, we--yeah, you know.

We don't need proof."

Here's my proof,

is, when I was 15,

my first job was, in Nashville,was at Opryland theme park.

We used to havean amusement park,

and I was working,

and I'm sitting eating lunch,

and this couple sits down,and we start talking and stuff.

I was like, "I'm Nate."

And the guy's like,"I'm John.

This is my wife, Jane,"and they--

their last name was Doe.

So it was John and Jane Doe.

And I was just like,"That's the craziest thing."

Like, what are the oddsof that, you know?

Like, that's so crazy.

Couldn't believe it.

Cut to earlier this year.

I'm 35, I'm driving,

and I'm thinkingabout John and Jane Doe.

And, you know,I was like,

"I bet they were lyingto me about that."

[laughter and applause]

That's how long it took--20 years--

for me to catch on to a jokethey wouldn't remember saying.

I don't thinkthey would remember it.

They'd be like,"Maybe we did that."

Well, it worked.It worked so good.