Kevin Hart - A Visit with Senator Hall

Sacramento Season 1, Ep 4 10/23/2016 Views: 1,507

When Kevin Hart takes his buddies to meet California State Senator Isadore Hall III, he doesn't get the welcome he expects. (1:39)

Here we arein Sacramento, California,

at the state capital.Not only a beautiful building,

but a place that welcomes mewith open arms.

This is whereI was given my day.

February 22 is Kevin Hart day.

This is whereit all happened at.

- Your day?- My day. Breathe it in.

- Who told you to stop by?- Everybody did,

'cause I cameand I wooed people.

Follow me,

and wipe your feet offbefore you go inside.

- We outside still, why--- Wipe your foot off!

- I was gonna wipe mine off.- Act like you with Kevin Hart.

Look, I don't just saythat I'm a big deal

around these parts, guys.I'll show you.

Read it.That's a senator, okay?

Senator Hall, my friend.

- Kev, you know,you ain't got to do this.

- No, I do.I'm gonna introduce you.

I'm gonna introduce you,just relax.

[knocks on door]Senator!

Senator Hall.

Hizzo![knocks on door]


Ah!- Kev.

- Ah!- What's up, bro?

- Ah!- How can I help you, man?

- Boy, look at--how you help me?Give me a hug.

- Man.- What'd you eat, barbeque?

You smell like--- What's going on?

What's going on, man?- I wanted to introduce you

to my friends, man.- Yeah.

- That's Harry right there.I call him Bucket Low.

That's Joey right there.Good friend of mine, man.

We do a lot of work together.

I want to showthese guys the ropes.

I want to show them your office.Give me--give me--yeah--

Give me one second.- Well, hold on.

Before you go, let me--- Give me one second.

One second.- Hey--

- Hey, security!- Okay.

- Security!

Hey.You all right in there?

You need your back up?I'm here.

- No, he called security.

- That's why I'm making surehe okay.

- No, no, no, no, no--- Senator, you all right?

- I think he called them on you.- On you.

- Well, he didn't call on me--Hey, Hizzo!

I don't see whyhe would have called--

- Whoa, we got to go.- Hizzo, I'ma call your phone.

Come on. Let's just--let's just go.

[hip-hop music]