Kurt Metzger - Original Treatment for Childhood Autism

Kurt Metzger: White Precious Season 1, Ep 1 07/11/2014 Views: 12,598

When Kurt Metzger was growing up, medical diagnoses were much less accurate. (1:59)

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I wasn't allowed

to play with toy gunswhen I was a kid.

My mom took, like--

she took all the gunsoff of my Star Wars men

and then just gave methe men.

Here's some men to play with.

Those are action figures!

That's the action:the gun.

That's the action part of--

Now it's a doll.

Now I have dolls.

Thanks for the dolls.

"Hey, Darth Vader,I don't have a weapon.

Let's just make out'cause Kurt's mom's a dick."

Oh, oh,we can't be violent.

Oh, I get along with my momgreat now, though.

But we got in an argumentnot too long ago,

'cause she thinks--she thought--

I don't knowif she thinks it now.

She thought vaccinationscause autism

because she saw MTV scientistJenny McCarthy.

Can't ignore that.

When Jenny McCarthy--

Somethingfalls out of her face?

You got to listen to that,right?

But it was like,

"Well, where did all this autismcome from, then?

"You know,there was no autism

when I was in school,right?"

Because they didn't knowhow to diagnose autism properly,

and that's why.

You used to just callthose kids nerds.

You remember that?

There was a lot more nerds

and much less autistic kids,

and then they figured out

that you have to treatthose children

instead of just whalingdodgeballs at them

in gym class,

which is the original treatmentfor childhood autism.

Do you know how lucky you areif you are autistic now

and not 30 years ago?

Some gym teacher--


"This kid is not dodging."

"He's just countingthe balls.

"Like--I mean, I'm not a doctor,but I think this is--

I think we got a nerdon our hands."