Nick Guerra - Love Songs

Nick Guerra & Gina Yashere Season 2, Ep 2 10/11/2012 Views: 5,555

Nick Guerra doesn't think that Justin Bieber should write a love song. (1:02)

I know I'm getting uncool, yeah.

'Cause I don't,I don't like music anymore.

I can't stand music.

Music's so bad.

There's no more good love songsanymore.

You got all these kids tryingto write about love.

Justin Bieber trying to writeabout love. Really?

He has half a nutin his rectum.

He doesn't knowwhat he's talking about.

It's still up there.

You can't write about loveuntil you know about love,

and you don't know about love

until you've had that firstpregnancy scare.

You know what I'm saying?

All right?That's when you know.

And I'm gonna say this, guys.It's our fault, okay?

We got to take care of that,all right?

'Cause we don't do anythingelse in the bedroom.

We don't, all right?

News flash: none of us are sexy.We aren't.

We try to be.We look stupid, okay?

Ladies, you ever ask your manto dance for you?

It looks dumb, doesn't it?

It's, like,"Babe, dance for me."

"Oh, like this, huh?Like that, huh?"

He does moves he sawat a strip club.

"Like that, huh, huh?"

Dangling? That's not sexy.