"Hey It's Fluffy!" - Dino's Departure Pt. 1

Shaun Latham & Jerry Rocha Season 3, Ep 3 10/18/2014 Views: 2,226

Fluffy's dog Dino gets himself into real trouble after he runs away from home. (1:53)

Fluffy, I have to workthe late shift tonight,

and you have to promise me

that you will behave.

I promise, Mom. Have fun.

(yawns)Good night, Dino.

(upbeat music playing)

Dino, what thehell is going on?

And what am I smelling?

Oh, man, that's catnip, Fluffy.

(music stops)What is wrong with you?

I give you everythingto make you happy.

I really do.

All I ask for isa little respect.

Man, you ruinedmy party, Fluffy!

So respect this--I'm outta here.

(door closes)

Dino? Dino!

Man, this fool isn't anywhere.

I hopeDino's okay.

I know. It's not like himto be gone this long.

If he doesn't ever come back,was he even mine to begin with?

Damn, Dino, how do youget yourself out of this fix?

Has it really come to going backto Fluffy and apologizing?

Oh, man, I guessthat's the only...

Oh, my God. (chuckles)

Quarterback Michael Schmuck.

Hell, yeah.

I love your work, player.

Yo, thanks, man.You lost, little dog?

I sure am.

Hey, would you like acareer in entertainment?

I sure would.

Then follow me.

I think you're perfect.

Oh, wow. Thanks, man.

But, yo, man, I'm soexcited to work with you.

I've always wanted aposse of ass-kissers.


Wait a second--you mean to tell me

I'm gonna be doingillegal dogfighting?

But I hate violence, especiallywhen I'm the victim of it.

Oh, man, I got to text Fluffy.

Yeah. Yo, you'll be

getting this backafter the fight, son.