Langston Kerman - Books 'n' Thangs

Kook Season 3, Ep 4 03/24/2016 Views: 1,547

Langston Kerman explains how a store in his neighborhood has increased his distrust of white people. (2:17)

I live, I live in a very blackneighborhood

Like, super black, all right?

The blackest storein my neighborhood

is a place calledBooks N Thangs.

There's a storein my neighborhood

called Books...

N Thangs.

They mostly sell lotion.

There's a lot of cocoa butterat Books N Thangs.

The blackest thingabout Books N Thangs,

and arguablythe blackest thing

I've ever experiencedin my life,

I'm not making this up,

24 hours a day,7 days a week,

Books N Thangswill project the audio

from famousLouis Farrakhan speeches

out onto the street

for people to listen toas they walk past.

24 hours a dayof Louis Farrakhan.

If you don't knowwho Louis Farrakhan is--

I assume many of youhave no idea who he is;

you're not familiarwith his work.

All you really need to know

is that he hates you.

He hates everything about you,

white people specifically.

He hates you.

I don't stop to listento these speeches, right?

I don't have time.

I'm very busy.

If it's not pornography,

I'm not listening.

Take that shirt off, Farrakhan.

Let me see those nipples.

See those nation nipples.


I don't stop to listento these speeches,

but every day I get littlesnippets of them, right?

Like, as I'm walking pastI'll just hear

Louis Farrakhan forcinghimself in my ears.

So I'll just be walking past

and hear Louis Farrakhan,like,

[as Louis Farrakhan]"Oh!

"Brothers and sisters.

"I said brothers

"and sisters.

"The white man is evil.

"Do not trust the white man.

"Would you trust a lobsterto give you justice?

"Well, then do not trustthe white man,

for they are one in the same."


I hear that,

and thenI just have to go about my day

not trusting any of youmotherfuckers.