Hot Guy Alert

Hos Before Bros Season 1, Ep 4 02/04/2016 Views: 7,515

When a sexy football player shows up at the house, Gene flirts shamelessly while Billie struggles to keep her cool. (1:56)

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[hip-hop music]

- Damn it,this is not yare.

- Is that like a tiny shipfor ants or what?

[doorbell rings]- I got it!

- I'll go poseby the fire's place.

- Uh-huh.

- You look so good,Mr. Russell.

- Yeah.- [coughing]

- All right,that's enough.

Go take your germsaway somewhere else.

Trick, you're soaked.

Ladies, I'd like tointroduce you to

Trick Malloy.

[sexy hip-hop music]

♪ I'm so fresh, kid

♪ I'm so fresh, fresh

♪ 'Cause I'm fresh, kid

♪ I'm so fresh, fresh

♪ Yeah, I'm fresh, kid

♪ I'm so fresh, fresh 'cause I'm fresh, kid ♪

- Ho...- Ly...

- Ship!

Holy [bleep]!

- Trick, my man.

[chuckles]How was the flight?

- It was good.

I gave up my first-class seatto a veteran,

met some pretty solidpeople back in coach,

and, yeah, you know what theysay about plane friends.

"Plane friendsstay friends."

- I feel the same way.- Yeah?

- I absolutelyfeel the same way.

- That's awesome.

- Trick, this ismy wife, Tanzy.

- "Enchanti."

- And, uh, over hereis my daughter, Gene.

- Hey.

- And this is her Billie.

- Oh, not in a lesbian way.Although,

I'm not afraid to do that.How's it going?

- Sorry aboutmy wet hand skin.

- No, I like it wet.

[awkward chuckle]

- Cool.

Ship in a bottle.

That's exactly how I feelsometimes, you know?

It's just like,all sealed up

behind glassand on display.

It's like the whole world'sgot stones,

and they're just throwing them.

You know what I'm saying?


- Land ho!

Shipwreck.[nervous laugh]

- Sorry.

She's got diarrhea.

- Trick, let me, uh,

let me show youto your room, huh?

- Yeah, I don't.

- Yes, sir.- It's right up here.


[glass cracking]

- [laughs]You stepped in ship.