Carlos Mencia - Sensitive Economy

Carlos Mencia: New Territory Season 1, Ep 1 12/04/2011 Views: 30,289

Even though everything isn't as awesome as it was before, Carlos Mencia believes that America needs to be happy again. (1:45)

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We need to be happy again.

Too many people out thereare, like, unhappy.

And I don't knowwhat that's like,

'cause I was bornin another country,

and I see America way differentthan the majority of people.

So, before I evenget started,

let me just give youa perspective that's mine.

I've been toa lot of other countries,

and I'm gonna say thisstraight up--

the United States of America,on our worst day,

is better than any other countryon their best day.

Period.End of story.

End of story!


[cheers and applause]

It's true.Oh, yeah!

Because we got to seewhat's real, what's awesome,

instead of complainingabout what we don't know about.

You've heard peopleout there--

"What's wrongwith our economy, Carlos?"


"Well, why isn't it awesomelike it was before?"

Because nothing can be awesomeall the time.

It rains sometimes.It snows sometimes.

There's earthquakes sometimes.

Things change,and that's normal.

We had a great economyfor 20 years.

Why can't we justbe happy with that,

instead of,"But what happened?"

Well, it's like sex.

Sex is amazing, but youcan't do it all the time.

And that's what happened.

For 20 years, we were having sexwith our economy.

20 years, just,"I want a jet ski.

I want a boat.I want a motorcycle."

[cheers and applause]

Right? And finallywe had an orgasm,

and we're like, "Don't touch it.It's sensitive."

That's where our economy is.It's right there.

We're fragile.We're fragile.

We're fragile.

You want to buy a car?

Don't touch it!It's sensitive!

How's your credit?

Don't touch it!It's sensitive!