Uncensored - Extended - Bridget Everett - Big F**king P***y

Bridget Everett: Gynecological Wonder Season 1, Ep 101 07/11/2015 Views: 4,677

Bridget Everett discusses the many different types of vaginas and asks the audience to guess which kind she has. (1:29)

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- Hot pink pussy over here.


I've seen you on Facebook.

What do you got, you got a fucking,

you got one of them JFPs don't you right?

Juicy fucking pussy.


When you walk by people can hear the tide rolling in.

That shit makes me miss the Hamptons.

I used to hate that place but that's before I got invited.


I don't know if you wantto take a stab at this?

Do you know what I have?

I'm asking you.

Let this vaginaldress be a clue.

I'll tell you, I got a BFP.

Do you know what that is?

- Big fucking pussy.


- That's right, I got a BFP what's a BFP?

- A big fucking pussy.

- That's right, let me hear you ladies and gentleman

what's a BFP?

- [Crowd] Big fucking pussy.

- And that's why America is great ladies and gentleman.