Speedround - Nasty Words for the President-Elect

12/02/2016 Views: 17

Trevor cautions Donald Trump against trying to hold on to his business, Kyle unloads on Mr. Garrison, and Lin-Manuel Miranda's story about Alexander Hamilton gets interrupted. (1:18)

(scraping)(low sonic wave)

(low digital beeps)

(fast sonic waving)

(digital whoosh)

- Being president of the United States

is already the hardest job in the world.

You don't need somebodywho's distracted

by picking curtains for his newest tower.

And I've picked curtains, that


is hard. (laughing)


- I am the president!

- You're a little dipshit, president.

- With a dirty asshole.

- With a dirty asshole!

- And you shit out your dick!

- And you shit out your dick.

Where'd you learn to talk like this?


- In honor of the very specifically titled hit web series

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,

over the next 60 seconds I would like you to come up

with show names of other people

and something getting something.


- [Host] Pete.

- Angelina Jolie in court getting custody.

(audience laughing) - [Host] Alright, points!

- Tyler Perry in a dress getting 50 million dollars.

- [Host] Alright points!

(audience applause) (cheering)

- R. Kelly in a high school getting hydrated. (laughing)

(buzzing) (laughing)

(groaning) (audience clapping)


- Questlove?

- Texted me.

You did Drunk History?!

What, how did Questlove find out?

- [Man] Oh, here we go.

- [Man] Yo!

- Questlove!

- Yo! (laughing)


- Look at this.

- This is the best shit ever!

I cannot wait for this episode!

My girl and I got together

based on our love for Drunk History!

- You see the effect you have? - Well.

(rapid scraping)