Jeff Dunham - Batnut

Jeff Dunham: Minding the Monsters Season 1, Ep 1 10/07/2012 Views: 56,013

Jeff Dunham teases Peanut about his costume, and Peanut describes his special weapon: the nutarang. (1:45)

>> How you doing, Peanut?

>> Doing pretty good.

How about you? I'm fine.

That's good, that's good,

that's good!


>> So, you're Batman?

>> No, no, no.

I'm Batnut.


>> Batnut?

>> Yes.

Batnut, nut-laced avenger

of the night.

>> Is that why you're

talking like that?

>> Of course.

>> Batnut?

>> Yes.

>> You sound more like you're

the Choker.



>> Okay, shut up!

I do the talking.

You stand there and try to look

like you're doing something

besides just standing there.


>> Look, do you really think

Batnut scares criminals?

>> Of course-- especially

if they have a nut allergy.


(guttural hissing)


Face my honey-roasted justice!

>> So it seems to me like I'm

standing next to a poor excuse

for a Batman.

>> And I'm standing next to

a poor excuse for a white man.


(applause and cheering)

>> So, do you have any weapons?

>> Of course.

Batman has the batarang.

I have the nutarang.

>> The nutarang?

>> Yes.

It does exactly

what you think it does.

But when it comes back,

I don't want to catch it.


And I have two of them.

I call them the Dynamic Duo.


And I keep them

near the bat pole.


>> Are you finished?

>> Yes.

No more double entendres.

>> Thank you.

>> Until the next one.

>> Peanut!

>> Don't get testicle!

>> Oh, come on!




(applause and cheering continue)

>> So