Deleted Scene - Garfield the Tattletale

Annulment Season 2, Ep 2 06/22/2016 Views: 1,596

Garfield catches the new servant playing a prank on Mr. Peepers. (1:12)

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(curious music)

- Excuse me, what are you doing?

- Rubbing my nuts on Mr.Peeper's mustache comb.

- Now Jay, we may have all daydreamed about

having our special private areas straightened by

a walrus comb, but this kind of impudence will not stand.

I am telling.

Mr. Peepers, Mr. Peepers!

- What is it Garfield?

- This boy's gone feral.

- Mr. Peepers, Garfield taught me to clean the chamber pots.

(accomplished musical chord)

- Garfield, this is your emergency?

When I took you in from the orphanage all those years ago,

the proctor told me you would be unruly,

but I said I could mold you.

It's the greatest mistake of my life.

- He's the mistake, I'm the good orphan.

- Hold your tongue.

Your behavior in inexcusable.

Oh, my mustache comb.

Oh that smells piquant.

(dramatic music)