Lillian's One-Woman Sinfest

The Duel Season 2, Ep 10 08/17/2016 Views: 1,450

Beatrice tries to get a drunk and despondent Lillian to repent for her many sins so she can join her at the Heaven party. (1:26)

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- Oh, Laverne, I wishI knew you longer.

Maybe you hadmore worldly possessions

than this lap blanket.

I guess I'll never know.


[ethereal music]

What else can I burn?



- Oh, Lillian, there you are.

[dramatic music]

- Beatrice, would youlike some...

[in distorted voice]Taffy?

- That's the devil's chew!

- [yells]

- Don't take this the wrong way,but you're going to hell.

- Because of taffy?

- No, but the good newsis I'm here to save you.

- Laverne is dead.Hortense is married.

[hiccups]I'm drunk.

- No, Lillian, listen to me.

All you have to do is sayyou're sorry for everything

you've ever doneand you can attend

the heaven party with me.

- The only thing I'm sorry about

is that this cocaine winebottle's empty.



Now I'm gonna go do some drugs

and drink all the liquorin the house.

- And then you'll sayyou're sorry?

- Uh...


- But I'm trying to stop youfrom going to hell!

This is really bad.