Joseph Vecsey - Professional Street Basketball

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Joseph Vecsey explains why being the only white guy on his street basketball team became a fiscal challenge. (1:27)

- I used to actually play streetbasketball professionally.


That wasn't the punchline, but I did, I used to play,

I was the only white dude on the team.

That's what I did beforecomedy, it was just me

and a bunch of dudes kind of from the projects,

I was the only white guy and what would happen was,

it was great playing with everybody, but guys would try

to scam money out of me 'cause I was the skinny, frail,

lactose-intolerantwhite dude on the team.

So guys would come up to me on the team and be like,

"Yo Joe, is there any way I can hold $20 for gas money."

And I would be like, "Larry," I'm like,

"Maybe I missed it but do you drive?"

And then he'd just look back at me,

lick his lips, and was like, "Nah."

And I was like,"That's the most honest

"and disrespectful answer I ever got in my life."

So I give him the $20 like a idiot and then I see him

a month later at a different basketball game,

and I try to get my 20back, and if we all put

our heads together in this room, we would not come up

with the brilliant response that this man came up with

for not paying someone back $20.

I was like, "Yo Larry, any way I can get that 20?"

And he just looked back at me

and was like, "Joe, we past that."

He's like, "We don't need to be

"talking about that right now."