Katt Williams Interview

South Beach Comedy Festival 2008 Season 1, Ep 2 01/22/2008 Views: 44,514

Katt Williams can bowl a 120 all night. (1:21)

-Comedy Central here with KattWilliams, hanging out in Miami.

So what's going on, Katt?

-Not much, sir, having some fun.

-Having some fun?

What's going on, you bowling?

-I am bowling.

-Are you a big bowler?

-I think so.


-My score is notindicative of that,

but I can get 120 all day.

-Oh, that's great.

Yeah, you did your showtonight, it was great.

-Uh, just to be able to workin Miami is always a pleasure.

So that was important, and theplace gives me good feelings.

I like Miami.

-American Hustle debutedat Comedy Central

and it was huge, like ourbiggest special in years.

How's that make you feel?

-That is all due tothe Chi-Town love.

Thanks to Chi-Townand Comedy Central,

it was-- I don't know what to dowith that kind of information,

so I just say thank you andI gotta get back to work.

-What's next for KattWilliams coming up?

-I'm going kiss mykids back in LA,

and uh-- shout out to Jessica--an then, then I'm good.

I'm gonna try to see what'sgoing with the strike

and write some funny jokes.

-Thanks a lot, Katt.

-Thank you, Iappreciate it, sir.

The only person with haircooler than mine, right here.