Uncensored - Louis Katz - Strange Comments

Louis Katz, Robert Kelly, Luenell Season 1, Ep 6 05/18/2014 Views: 11,016

Recently Louis Katz has been getting some very interesting feedback from the women he's dated. (1:56)

I've beengetting some--

some strange commentsfrom some of the women

I've been datingrecently.

I had one woman tell me--She said that--

That my dick was bigger thanshe thought it would be.

Wow, that compliment was moreinsulting than I thought it

would be.

I think she meantit as a compliment,

but all I'm hearingis that apparently,

I carry myself like somekind of small-dicked man.

Like, I walk through the door,all of the sudden, tiny dick

theme song starts playingsilently in everybody's head.

Here's anotherweird one I got.

I had one woman tell me--She said that I--

I fuck likea black man.

Thank you.

Thank you, eight people thataren't weirded out by that.

I know, itfeels strange.

First of all, let meclarify, it was a black woman

who said that to me.

I think people only picture mewith white women and that's why

they feelstrange, like,

oh, what kind of weirdanthropologically racist

chicks have you beenhooking up with?

Like, hmm, you thrustlike a North American Negro,

yet, hmm...

With the cadence of an Uzbekihighlander, very interesting.

No, she was black,but still, that's weird.

What'd she think itwas gonna be like getting

fucked by a white man?

What'd she thinkI was gonna embezzle

from herretirement fund?

Maybe next time I'llswitch it up just for fun,

fuck her likea white girl.

Like, oh, my God, you're totallytaking all this dick right now.

I mean, it's ridiculous.

I mean, come on,look at me.

Look at me.

I don't fucklike a black man.

Black men fucklike me.